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Departure checklist

Guide only

Internal check
1. Sirocco fan(s) removed and stored
2. Table removed and stored if required
3. Kitchen and under-bed drawers locked
4. Tea towel or cloth placed under cooker glass lid to prevent vibration against stove
5. Windows locked, screens up and blinds down
6. Main 12V Isolation switch and hot water turned off
7. Fridge door secured
8. Main roof and shower vents locked down
9. Plugs in sink and shower
10. Shower head pole folded down (pop top models only) and shower door locked
11. All overhead cupboard doors closed and locked
External check
1. Entry door closed and locked
2. Fit and lock entry door gas vent cover (on trailers with internal cook tops only)
3. Close valve on gas bottle and lock compartment door
4. Hot water system air vent closed and metal dust cover locked
5. External shower cover fastened
6. Close slide-out shelves/drawers and lock in position
7. Secure and lock all latches – storage boxes and compartments
8. Secure awning latches/catches and tighten black thumb wheels
9. Fold away stabilizer legs
10. All external drains capped
11. Pole carrier caps tight
12. Place cork in diesel heater exhaust pipe
13. External roof catches latched closed (pop-top models only)
14. Radio aerial removed

Safety check
1. Check safety chains attached and shackle pins tightened
2. Check lights, indicators and brake connections
3. Check Anderson plug is connected
4. Check coupling security – ensure DO35 locked correctly and dust cap fitted, tighten tow pin
5. Ensure jockey wheel is locked up and handle secured
6. Release handbrake
7. Check tyre pressures